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Our treatment selections offer you Thai and the traditional spa treatments of Swedish and deep tissue massage through the wonderful touch of our gifted Thai Masseuses. Where customers' needs are of the utmost importance and inner connection is revered.
What sets Thai massage apart from other treatments is its movement component. By combining movement with gentle pressure, the therapist will place your body in different poses and stretches to release and revitalize energy flow. Enjoy a Thai massage from the famous WatPho Temple in Bangkok. When blended  with Swedish and deep tissue and the other popular Spa treatment methods you will be amazed as you feel the therapeutic relief. And hopefully discover what so many others have: 
" . . .. . as Nancy's Thai massages are combined with deep tissue massage and her   'Uniquely Caring Touch', it is therapeutic and healing." 
". . . . .Nancy is like an old master embodied in a young cheerful person. The healing quality of her hands is unbelievable"
". . . .  It is just a great place to go. You walk in the door and everyone is friendly, and they just lift you with their smiles and spirits and personalities. And then the massage is Heavenly"
" . . . ..  Certified massage therapy that makes you feel 100 percent better after you leave. I will definitely go back when I return"
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